Charlotte Nicolin


About the artist

As a child Charlotte spent a lot of time in nature observing everything from plants to animals to bugs. Many times she brought her sketchbook or camera and completely lost track of time. This fascination has always stayed with her and now she is combining her passion with her artistic talent creating wondrous artwork inspired by nature and animals.

Charlotte is currently working on a series of drawings of animals. One graphite drawing can take several months to complete as she puts in a lot of detail. She starts by making a lot of small quick sketches in nature or at her desk and choses one of them as her main inspiration. She then proceeds with placing the major outlines on an art paper. Somewhere in the image she puts a note of isolated color and continues to work on the piece with her special crayons of many different kinds.

Since 1999 she has been involved in various collaborations offering her artwork on interior decoration and gift items. These products have gained great popularity and we now sell our products in over 150 retailer shops and department stores mostly in Europe. To see our full product line you are welcome to visit our boutique in Old Town Stockholm.



I have devoted my art to nature for over thirty years and it never seizes to amaze me.
— Charlotte Nicolin

The Boutique

See Charlotte's work and products in her boutique located in Old Town Stockholm, Sweden.



1958: Charlotte Nicolin was born and raised in Sweden where she got a solid education in painting, drawing, art history, graphic design and decoration.

1982 - 1989: Moved to the US where she developed her unique style, with the creation of a series of sensual oversized macro flower paintings. As her art grew more and more popular, it became highly visible in galleries throughout the US.

1984 - : As a side business Nicolin started to make animal portraits. She worked not only with people loving their pets, but also with veterinarian clinics. She developed a special technique of combining airbrush and colour pencil and accomplished not only an individual likeness, but astounding drawings of animals.

1989 - 2014: After 7 years in the US, Nicolin moved to Germany and France, taking up new themes like fish and underwater scenes, and reaffirming a style that varies from expressive, realistic, to naïve. To increase her understanding of the submarine world she also became a keen diver. Learning more about living anatomy and furthering her knowledge of nature, allowed her to create her playful interpretations of the nature around her.

1991 - 1997:  Nicolin worked for 7 years in a lithography workshop in Paris (Les impressions d’art E & J Desjobert) and became an accomplished lithographer, collaborating with a number of prominent contemporary editors.

1998 - 2010: She moved to the historical centre in Montreal, Canada where she co-founded Nicolin & Gublin, a permanent 400 m2 Gallery and Shop for her originals, limited editions, interior decoration and gift items carrying her art work.  A network of over 200 retail shops in North America and the Caribbean was set up.

Nicolin created a series of functional art furniture as a compliment to the two dimensional artwork. The marine inspired furniture caught quite a lot of attention in Canada. They were placed in various homes, offices and restaurants.

The artist worked with several environmental organizations, using her images to inform adults and children of the importance of keeping the planet healthy.

2007 - 2013: The artist acquired  an additional studio in Paris. She was drawn back to Paris for the unique inspiration it brings her, and to better serve her European clients. 
2008 - :
The separate entity Living in the Baltic Sea was created to inform and engage people of the threatened existence of the wildlife in the Baltic sea. Nicolin has made all artwork and illustrations for this project.

2014 - : Charlotte Nicolin moves to Stockholm, Sweden, after 32 years abroad, establishes a new artist's atelier and sets up Boutique Charlotte Nicolin that replaces the Gallery Nicolin & Gublin in Montreal. Nicolin's art and products are available to individuals as well as wholesale clients worldwide.